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It is the policy of the Church of Ireland to set standards for the welfare of all children sharing in its ministry with a view to protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

Clergy, staff and volunteers working within the Church of Ireland’s ministry with children are committed to practice which promotes the welfare of children and protects them from harm. The policy, procedures and practices will be reviewed at regular intervals, at least every three years. In its ministry with children the Church of Ireland will endeavour to safeguard children by:

• following carefully the procedures laid down for recruitment and selection of workers

• providing effective management of workers through supervision, support and training

• adopting child protection guidelines through a code of behaviour for workers

• sharing information about child protection and good practice with children, parents and workers

• ensuring adherence to safety procedures

• reporting concerns to the appropriate statutory authority.

Should you have a concern, suspicion or allegation regarding child welfare in the area of ministry to children in this parish please report directly to an appropriate person and contact a member of the parish panel, listed below, who may also report directly to an appropriate person if the matter is within the panel’s remit.

For more details of the Church of Irelands Policy on Safeguarding Trust please click on the link below.

Safeguarding Trust Policy


The members of the Parish Panel with contact details are as follows: –

Yvonne Elliott  028 6634 2514

Stephen Fletcher  028 6634 0049

Neville Gamble  077771701280

Sarah Maguire  028 6632 5106

Revd Canon Ian Ellis  028 66320239